3 Ways Automated Emails Can Help Boost your Business

Successful email campaigns are the key to reaching new clients and keeping your current clients satisfied. Going that extra mile to remember their birthday or anniversary could make all the difference in them coming in or not. You won’t need to worry about this with automated emails making it easier than ever to set it and forget it!

1. Build and Maintain Excellent Client Relationships.

People appreciate the little things like throwing their name in the first line of your email or sending an offer specific to their favorite service. You will never miss a birthday with automated emails featuring a 10% off coupon for your client’s special occasion. Did you know Envision Cloud has this feature? By doing these few small gestures, your clients will feel appreciated and not only want to keep coming back, but also want to share their great experience with their friends too. 

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2. Consistently Improve the Results of your Campaigns.

With automated email campaigns, you can look at campaign metrics like number of unsubscribes, opens, and clicks to see which promotions were most successful and which ones may need some tweaking. If your campaign isn’t performing how you thought it would, you can change the verbiage, the promotion offered, or the audience to improve those results! Did you know you can do this with Envision Cloud too?

3. Prevent No Show Clients.

Setting automated appointment reminder emails will help clients be aware of their upcoming services so they can confirm or reschedule. This will reduce the number of no-show clients and keep your business booming! And....you guessed it. Envision Cloud can even do this!

Do these things and more with Envision Cloud. Automating your email campaigns will make it effortless to build and maintain excellent client relationships, consistently improve the results of your campaigns, and prevent no-show clients. These three improvements with have a HUGE impact on your business and keep clients coming through your doors.



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