Envision Cloud App New Features and Look

COMING SOON! The Envision Cloud App will be getting a brand-new look and some exciting new features! Check out our blog to get a sneak peek!

The Envision Cloud App will be getting an entirely new look and exciting new capabilities! These new updates work to improve the aesthetics, functionality, and usability of the Envision Cloud App for employees!

A Brand-New Look

The Envision Cloud App’s sleeker and more modern design will improve the user experience. By providing a more seamless app, clients can toggle between functions with ease, enjoy simpler information viewing, and utilize various features with greater efficiency. The most-used menu options will now appear on the bottom of the app and additional options are available under Menu. You’ll also notice the icons and general design elements throughout the app have also been updated.



Appointment Schedule Viewing

With the latest update comes the ability to view up to 7 days of appointments on the Envision Cloud App. Multi-day appointment viewing allows for staff members to get a much broader view of their individual appointment schedules. This makes for easier future scheduling with clients and allows staff to get a better view of upcoming appointments. Users with access to multiple employee schedules and/or locations can use the appointment schedule options to view various schedules. Additionally, we’ve added Today’s Appointments List as the home screen of the Envision Cloud App. This list offers a concise summary for the day, giving employees a convenient listing at their fingertips.


Employee Goals report

Employee Goal Summary (Ultimate Only)

For Envision Cloud Ultimate Users, the reporting options on the Envision Cloud App will be expanding! The Employee Goal Summary will now be available, allowing the user to easily track their progress toward goals right from their smartphone. Metrics are more important than ever! With this report in the palm of your hand, gauging your performance is no hassle at all.





Be sure to keep your eye out for this new update coming soon! If you aren’t already using the Envision Cloud App, download it today! Here's how: 
  1. Search "Envision Cloud" in either the Apple App Store or Google Play. 
  2. Download the app titled "Envision Cloud." 
  3. Login using the same Envision Cloud credentials you would on a computer to access your Envision Cloud account! That's it!

Download Envision Cloud

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