Go Green with Envision Cloud!

Envision Cloud has some features that can help your business decrease the amount of paper waste you produce. Paper has a profound environmental impact as it contributes to air pollution, water consumption, and more! Not only does going green help the environment, but it can cut costs for your business! Let's talk about some digital features of Envision Cloud that can help your business go green! 

Electronically Send Form Packs

Did you know approximately 83 percent of all business documents are forms, one-third of the printed forms become outdated before they are used? 


With the MedSpa edition of Envision Cloud, you can digitally send Update My Records forms to your clients to fill out before an appointment! We safely and securely store that information. Your business can greatly benefit from this feature as it could free up physical storage space, reduce client wait times, and allow for more accessible client data.

Send & Save Work Schedules

Remembering your schedule is hard, but isn't it easier when you can just open you phone and look at it? With Envision Cloud you can have your work schedule emailed to you in  your preferred format then you can save it on your phone! So easy and not to mention, NO PAPER! Woohoo!

kisspng-handheld-devices-multimedia-mobile-phones-5b0d072270add2.4141728815275804504615Email Receipts

With Envision Cloud, you can email receipts! Opting for digital receipts doesn’t just cut down on the amount you’re spending on paper and ink, it’s also very convenient for your clients! It’s significantly easier to find an old receipt by searching through an email rather than trying to rummage through papers. Additionally, receipts contribute to the consumption of over 3 million trees per year in the United States. Your business could be a part of lessening that number!

Digital Purchase Orders

You can keep your business fully stocked with Envision Cloud’s purchase order feature. Using Envision Cloud, you can create a PO and send it to a supplier without using a single sheet of paper. 


Our PO system does things paper never could! The "Autofill PO Based Off Of Inventory Quantities" button allows Envision Cloud to determine which products and the quantity of each product that needs to be ordered from the Vendor that you have selected.

 The program will then automatically fill in the Purchase Order for you! You can even use a purchasing email in Envision Cloud to help digitally organize different aspects of your business. Pretty neat!

Sometimes, working to be more environmentally-conscious can be overwhelming, but these simple methods can have an impact over time. Going green also can save you green! Not only that, but some customers look for businesses that working towards a cleaner and greener future. Even a small step, is a step in the right direction.








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