Online Booking Made Easy!

Our Online Booking enhancements have made scheduling more accurate and convenient for you and your clients!

Here are three brand new key features that will help you stay on track with your calendar:

Multiple Service Booking

multiple services

Our Multiple Service Booking feature is perfect for clients who want to enjoy extra self-care. 💆  

If someone wants to schedule several services for the same date, like a haircut + facial + manicure, all they have to do is go online for an effortless booking experience! They can schedule up to three different services and even view the total estimated price of their selected services on the final booking page.

Family Booking

Many families visit the same salons or spas but don't necessarily reserve appointments for the same day. 👪

Family booking allows the primary account holder, or the parent account, to book appointments for other family members. Great for those with children, parents who log in online can specify whether they want to book a service for themselves or their children, so your employees can better prepare their time and schedule.

Customizable Service Times


No two people are alike, and we can apply this exact principle when booking your clientele. Depending on factors such as hair length or previous hair-dye history, some clients will have significant service differences than the standard times you've already set in Envision Cloud.

Our service time customization option helps maximize your appointment calendar by maintaining scheduling accuracy. Saving personalized times to a client's record will override the standard service window you've created and automatically update your calendar with the unique times for the client that you've customized.

Having your clients log into their online account before booking their appointment will help keep your calendar as accurate as possible. This way, any adjusted/customized service times will reflect on your calendar and all parent accounts can correctly choose who will be receiving services or treatments. 


We value your opinion! If you ever have questions or suggestions, head to the community page to recommend more features. 😊🎉


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